A Brief Introduction

The Family is a net work of volunteers whose members aim to be of service to their fellow man.

Each member of The Family, whether full-time or part-time, is motivated by the belief that sincere outgoing love and concern for his/her fellowman can provide many of the answers to the many problems of today’s complex and fast-paced world.

Together with other concerned individuals and companies, The Family regularly donates clothing, food items, educational supplies, construction materials and other basic necessities to schools, orphanages and centers for the underprivileged throughout the country.


Bahn Saraburi Girls' Home

For the past 25 years “The Family” has been providing supplies and activities for orphaned and disadvantaged girls at the Phrabuttabaht Girl’s Home in Saraburi. Over the years, the number of girls has grown from 60 to over 210 ranging from 6 years to 18 years. These girls live in the home and go out to local schools every day.

Suan Dek Home

Khun Busarincha helps 25 children with Intellectual and Physical disabilities, and their families in the province of Nakhon Pathom.

All the children are severely handicapped and need 24 hour care, they are either Autistic or Down’s syndrome, or have mental disabilities.

Srisangwang School

Srisangwang School and Foundation for the Welfare of the Crippled, is for children from all over Thailand.  They have facilities to board children who are from up- country.

We help teach English and want to assist in any way they need as a school, to raise the standard of the school and also the students.

Day Care Center

The BMA (Bangkok Metropolitan Administration) has built many apartment buildings for the families of garbage disposal workers. These are right beside the dump, where 3,000 families live.

There are 2 daycare centers for children 3 to 6 years old. They operate on a very tight budget. The parent’s pay 20 baht a day per child, if they can, otherwise the children will be cared for without cost.

Donating Goods

One of the ever-present needs in community are the material needs of those less fortunate than ourselves. Usually children, the disabled, and the elderly are the ones who merit our help and assistance.

In light of this fact, ‘The Family’ helps, as per their personal means, time, and energy as well as through the help of interested individual sponsors and companies, as many as possible.

Educational Sponsorship Project

A project we’ve had for the past 25 years has been our Educational Audio/Visual Sponsorship Program for rural primary schools.

We supply supplementary material that emphasizes and promotes values, qualities and attributes needed for positive character building among young children.

Bahn Ubeka Juvenile Center

The Family has been involved with this Juvenile center in the past. We have provided motivational shows, seminars, and ‘English with Meaning’ programs.

Our main goal was to instill positive leadership qualities in each boy’s life, to benefit them once they left the detention centre. We have also helped them with rice and supplies from time to time.

Flood Relief

Just as in many other areas of the world, the weather has been affecting the people of Thailand. Throughout the years, many up -country areas have been receiving heavy monsoon rains, which have gone on for many more months than usual.




April - June 2023
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