Who We Are

The Family¬†is a net work of volunteers whose members aim to be of service to their fellow man. In order to accomplish this goal, members of¬†The Family¬†work alongside other concerned individuals and organizations on various projects to help the needy and underprivileged. Each member of¬†The Family,¬†whether full-time or part-time, is motivated by the belief that sincere outgoing love and concern for his/her fellowman can provide answers to many of the problems of today’s complex and fast-paced world.

Although membership is comprised of individuals and families from many different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, we all have the same faith-based motivation and desire: to bring relief, hope and encouragement to those in need. 

What We Do

In conjunction with other concerned individuals and companies, The Family regularly donates clothing, food items, educational supplies, construction materials and other basic necessities to schools, orphanages and centers for the underprivileged throughout the country.

Since The Family is a non-profit net work of individuals, our efforts are made possible through charitable contributions from like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations. We sincerely appreciate those who aid us in helping to make a difference in the lives of many.

While there is a never-ending vacuum for help on a material level, at the same time The Family’s efforts extend beyond this to giving the all-important emotional support, spiritual encouragement and comfort needed by others.  In today’s materialistic world, it is necessary to have a continued emphasis on basic values such as love, friendship, understanding, compassion and kindness to provide solutions to the many problems and difficulties we encounter daily and to improve our quality of life.

Why We Do It

Members of The Family are motivated by the belief that sincere, outgoing love and concern for their fellowman can provide many of the answers to today’s fast-paced society. Their desire is to bring relief, hope and encouragement to those in need, and to strive to give of themselves with the hope that they can have a positive influence on society.

Children are a priceless gift and The Family believes in the importance of early character training as an important building block of successful adulthood. Raising intelligent as well as happy, healthy and well-adjusted children is the greatest challenge many parents and caregivers face. Recognizing the importance of instilling good principles from an early age to help achieve these goals, the wide variety of award-winning educational audio-visual and literary materials for children that The Family has created have been designed to impart and emphasize positive moral values such as kindness, friendship, honesty, appreciation, and many more.