Bahn Ubeka Juvenile Center

The Family has been involved with this Juvenile center in the past. They have provided motivational shows, seminars, and English with Meaning programs.

Our Goal:

Our hope was to instill positive leadership qualities in each boy’s life, to benefit them once they left the detention center. We have also helped them with rice and supplies from time to time.

In the past, we have been holding a bi-weekly educational class with 12 to 15 youths at Bahn Ubeka.

We combined teaching English to the boys with a “Leadership Training” program. The program was a 6 month course, at the end, of which, each participant received a certificate of completion. In April, 2008, The Family received an award from the Thai government for its continuing education program with the juveniles in this detention facility.

Unfortunately we have not been able to continue this program  due to changes in the center, and shortage of staff.