What We Do

 In conjunction with other concerned individuals and companies, “The Family” regularly donates clothing, food items, educational supplies, construction materials and other basic necessities to schools, orphanages and centers for the underprivileged throughout the country.
 Since The Family is a non-profit group, our efforts are made possible through charitable contributions from like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations. We sincerely appreciate those who aid us in helping to make a difference in the lives of many.

While there is a never-ending vacuum for help on a material level, at the same time The Family’s efforts extend beyond this to giving the all-important emotional support, encouragement and comfort needed by others.  In today’s materialistic world, it is necessary to have a continued emphasis on basic values such as love, friendship, understanding, compassion and kindness to provide solutions to the many problems and difficulties we encounter daily and to improve our quality of life.

2017 October - December Newsletter in English

2017 October - December Newsletter in Thai