The Onnuch Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Day Care Centers

The BMA has built many apartments’ buildings for the families of the garbage disposal workers. These are right beside the dump, where 3,000 families live,

in the area on Onnuch 86. There are 2 daycare centers for the children of the waste disposal workers. These are for 3 year to 5 or 6 year olds. These daycare centers operate on very little as the parent’s pay 20 baht a day per child if they can afford that.

Otherwise the children will be cared for freely. This money covers their food for the day; the centers provide 2 meals a day plus snack. The government gives them free milk and takes care of the rent and paying the staff. In one of the centers there are 2 staff and 20 children. In the other one which is bigger, there is 3 staff for 35 to 40 children.

With the help of interested people, we have been able to help the 2 BMA run daycare centers regularly. In 2011 we were able to donate to each center a computer with a DVD drive, speakers etc. We also gave then a set of educational Treasure Attic videos which are in Thai and English at the same time so they can watch them on their new computers. We have been able to donate toys, furniture, and clothing. These day care centers are ongoing projects, as the children grow and change and there are many needs for these centers.

In 2012 both these centers received new flooring and ceiling fans, and lighting. In one we were able to paint the inside of it so it is more inspiring for the children and donate two tables and 4 benches so the children do not eat on the floor now.

To feed the 20 to 30 children one meal at these centers costs @500Baht. The children are in need of clothes and vitamins and healthy food. What the center does not use they give to the parents of the children.

We know all the help and care will not go unnoticed and these children will be forever grateful for all the love that went into making their lives a better place.

2017 October - December Newsletter in English

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