Flood Relief

Helping the Flooding victims of 2011:

As well as in many other areas of the world, the weather has been effecting the people of Thailand, and in this year of 2011 many up -country areas have been receiving heavy monsoon rains, which have gone on for many more months than usual. So for the month of September this has been a major focus for us.

We sent supplies to Uttaradit to help many families who lost their homes, and all their belongings, due to mud slides. We were able, with some generous help from some of our supporters, to buy basic cooking ware and simple stoves for the local people to be self sufficient. We also donated Mama Noodles from the Mama Noodle Company to the central kitchen that was set up to feed these people, while they were organizing temporary tents to house them, and to get them set up with basic needs. We were also able to go to Nakonsawan to pass out supplies there, as the flooding was so bad in places our team had to go in boats to reach some of the people.

In the end of October our team helped the flood victims in Ayutthaya, the old capital, which had been very severely hit with the flooding.

By October and November of 2011, the flooding was in the north of Bangkok, with thousands of people affected, the evacuation of people of all walks of life from their houses and many big international factories completely flooded, and many people out of work. Even if they were not directly affected by the flooding thousands of people were unable to work in the factories because of flooding. With the help of our generous supporters we were able to help buy a boat for fellow workers to continue to help people in Nonthaburi, a northern part of Bangkok. As you can see from the photos, some merchants had to take to selling their products out of boats to make a living. Others built walls to protect their shops from flooding, and sandbags were everywhere.

We also helped the people of Pathum Thani Province whose houses were in an area that received 3 meters of water. They are mainly poor people who live in very small accomodations. So for them, it totally wiped them out. After the flooding they had to start again to build their houses.

Also the sad situation of the animals especially dogs and cats at this time, that were not able to go to the flood shelters with their owners, so had to be either left behind to fend for themselves, or be taken care of at dog or cat kennels. We were able to provide a place for one of these kennels that was also flooded, to have a temporary place on our landlord’s property. So we had 25 dogs camped out with their staff right here.

Now the flooding is under control and the big clean up is in place with much to do.

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