Suan Dek Home

Development Center for Special needs Children.

The purpose is to help these 25 children with Intellectual and Physical disabilities, and their families in the province of Nakhon Pathom. The center tries to provide case by case support for the parents and supplement classes for the children. The main purpose of the center is to strengthen and maximize the potential of the children attending, as well as to provide teachers’ training to help the teachers in the care of the children.

The children are either Autistic or Down’s syndrome, or have a mental disability. Some also have physical handicaps. The children attending the Day Care Center range from 6 years up. The center also offers respite care (as all these children are severely handicapped and need 24 hour care) where some of the children can stay at the center over night to help give the parents or caregivers a break from time to time.

In the past the center provided, once a year a camping trip where the parents also came. In the evenings they could get together and encourage each other in the care of their child. Also the center would try to go on 4 field trips a year; all this was provided for all 25 children and their parents in the area. This helped the parents to feel the support of the center. However due to financial circumstances, and the move to the new center, Khun Busarincha cannot provide these services for now.

We do wish to see these services resumed in the future; with the continued help of our friends we could make this a reality for the children and parents.

Suan Dek Home is a Day Care Center which is attended by 10 children daily. The other 15 children live too far away in the province to attend the day care center daily. However Khun Busarincha visits and assists these families from time to time helping them with their intellectual disability children.

The center has minimal financial help. The parents help as much as they can, but most come from very poor backgrounds, and the center needs a lot of financial help to keep it going. In 2009 they rented a building for a very small rent, but it was an old house, and in need of a lot of repairs.

In January 2010 we were able to paint one room and donate some new desks and chairs, and educational equipment, for Khun Busarincha. Later that year we also fixed the kitchen ceiling as it was eaten by termites, and did some emergency electrical work on the property, to make it safe for the children.

In June 2012 Khun Busarincha was told she had to move the center, as the owner of the property she was renting, wanted to use it for his business. She only had a month to find a new place. In July a friend of one of the parents of the children attending her home told Khun Busarincha about a place that she could move to. The only draw backs were, it was only half finished, it needed electricity and water installed, bathrooms built and ceiling and walls finished, it also needed a kitchen and dinning room to be built.

The owner is willing to let her stay for 5 years rent- free if she agreed to fix it up. Even though this was a big endeavor, she could not find anything else that would suit the needs of her center. This house is only 5 kilometer from her old place and has adequate land. She moved to the new center in July 2012.

Since then the electrity has been installed the water brought to her center and 3 bathrooms built with a sink area, ceilings put in and walls made. So now it is a 4 room center which still needs the kitchen and dinning room built. We are looking forward to continue to help Khun Busarincha with this center.

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