Bahn Suraburi Girls’ Home

For the past 20 years “The Family” has been providing supplies and activities for orphaned and disadvantaged girls at the Phrabuttabaht Girl’s Home in Saraburi. Over the years, the number of girls has grown to over 210 ranging from 6 years to 18 years.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for the girls by providing some basic material needs.

We were able to provide, thorough our friends, an industrial refrigerator, VCD/DVD, sound system, TV, computers, and printers. Through the years we have also provided and continue to provide items such as, school supplies, clothing, food item, flour, sanitary pads, notebooks, etc, for the girls.

When we can, we have also provided inspirational activities in the form of English day camps, art projects, games, etc.

In 2012 the government gave 8 computers, to the Home, but they needed many more. We were able to help them with 3 more complete sets in June 2012. Then in December 2012 one of our friends donated 10 computers, flat screens and speakers, and a professional laser color printer.

The computers were much needed as they are working on setting up a Learning Center for the girls. They have now set up an air-con computer room for the older girls, with 10 computers online. This enables them, to do research for their homework after school, and also in school breaks, and on the week-ends provides a recreational environment for them.

In the Learning center they have set up a new Library, we were also able to donate through the year of 2012 Thai and English educational books for their library, plus activity books for the younger children.

A new project in the center is embarking on, is teaching the girls to bake, they have a teacher who comes in 3 times a week to teach the girls who are interested to learn to bake. (This happens in the school break) This is to help them to sell their projects to people who visit. We have also been able to donate flour, and cake boxes to help them to sell what they bake to the visitors. This learning adventure is helping the girls to learn to become self -sufficient.

2017 October - December Newsletter in English

2017 October - December Newsletter in Thai